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News last update:14 Jan 2016

France’s farmers feed costs rise 2.7%

Farm-production costs in France rose by 2.4% in July as growers and livestock breeders paid more for energy and fuel, feed and fertiliser.

France’s Agriculture Ministry announced the general rise in costs incurred by French farmers based on agriculture-input indices. Among the tabulated and weighed indices were energy and lubricant, fertiliser, and animal feed.

The cost of animal feed, with an index weight of about 25 %, climbed by 2.7%.

“The price of animal feed continues to progress since February,” the ministry wrote. “Those for energy and lubricants again head up, after having declined during the second quarter.”

Fertiliser too, accounting for 12% of farming costs, rose by 2.9%. Seeds and planting materials rose 3.5%, the ministry reported.


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