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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russian feed industry rapidly increases corn consumption

According to the data of Russian Federal Static Service in July- October 2013 feed production enterprises in Russia processed 2.754 mln tonnes of grain which is 38,000 tonnes more than during than 2012. Wheat is still ranked first place among all crops that are used in the Russian feed production industry – with 1.690 mln tonnes being processed.

The volume of wheat processed for feed increased by 1.4 % or 38,000 tonnes compared to last year. The use of barley in the feed during the same period amounted to almost 549,000 tonnes, and corn – 367,000 tonnes.

The volume of processed barley for feed decreased compared to the previous year by 10,000 tonnes or 1.8 %. At the same time the consumption of corn by feed producers rose by 110,000 tonnes or 42.7 % compare to the period of July - October 2012.

In October 2103 compared with October 2012 the volume of processing corn for animal feed has increased by 25.3%. And the share of corn in the structure of processing of all cereals for animal feed increased from 11.9 % in October of the last year to 18.1 % in October of 2013.

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