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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Potash Corp releases 2012 performance results

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (PotashCorp) released the results of its 2012 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) performance on its company website. The results reflect the company's economic, environmental, and social performance against measures set forth in GRI's G3.1 framework.

Potash Corp is a crop nutrient company which  plays an integral role in global food production. The company produces the three essential nutrients required to help farmers grow healthier, more abundant crops. With global population rising and diets improving in developing countries, these nutrients offer a responsible and practical solution to meeting the long-term demand for food.

The company has reported on its sustainability performance using the GRI framework since 2002. The GRI is presented alongside PotashCorp’s Online Annual Integrated Report as part of an in depth discussion of the factors that influence long-term value creation.

PotashCorp's 2012 GRI performance, as well as an integrated discussion of company goals and strategies, can be viewed at PotashCorp annual 2012 reports.


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