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Feed formulation software in a cloud

Brilliant Alternatives has released its Cloud Enabled Feed Formulation Version 9.0. The software has been available for the past two years, and now with Version 9.0, it can be used in the cloud or like other feed formulation software, be run on laptops, desktops, or networks.

Version 9.0 includes Single Blend and Multi-Blend software including Multi-Plant and Multi-Time Period. The cost to use the software and to support it is greatly reduced when compared to non-cloud solutions.

The software can be used as the customer’s only formulation system, or a company can selectively use it for purposes where a cloud solution is better. The cloud version allows users to run any part of the software using smart devices or smart phones.  These devices can also be used to inquire into the formulation database.

Bob Brill says, “Not everyone needs the cloud solution.  However, companies can see the cloud as a secure way to provide access to one database by many users who need to have the latest information that is provided by others.  When users have individual databases on a laptop, it is a real challenge to keep the data current and correct.”

Another major benefit is the client can install the software and data on their own cloud, allowing complete autonomy. Cloud Service that is password protected and equally secure us also available.

Brilliant’s Cloud Service uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) which delivers a scalable cloud computing platform with high availability and dependability, offering the flexibility to enable customers to  run a wide range of applications including Brilliant’s Formulation and Brilliant’s NIR interface software called Laboratory Decision Maker (LDM).


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