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News last update:14 Jan 2016

FAO & University organise Insects to feed the world conference

The FAO and Wageningen University will host a conference in May with the focus being on using insects to feed the world. It will held at the Hotel Reehorst, Ede, Netherlands 14-17 May 2014. People who are interested in attending have got the opportunity to register for an early bird fee until 15 February 2014.

FAO estimates that the world needs to increase its food production by 70% by 2050 in order to serve a global population of nine billion. Animal feed production is increasingly competing for resources (land, water and fertilizer) with human food and fuel production, urbanisation and nature.

70% of the world's agricultural land is already directly or indirectly dedicated to meat production. With a growing world population and increasingly demanding consumers, can we still produce sufficient animal protein in the future? Urgently we need to identify alternative protein sources, and insects have great potential in contributing to global food security.

Specifically the conference would like to :-

  • Get an overview of the current status of insects as food and feed.Identify constraints in the development of insect food/feed sector (e.g. legislation).
  • Promote interactions among stakeholders in the insect value chain.
  • Formulate recommendations to increase the impact of using insects as a food and feed source.
  • Contribute to standardizing methodologies for analysing nutritional composition of insects.
  • Promote gathering (inter)national data on the production and trade of edible insects.
  • Establish (inter)disciplinary networks among relevant partners. Create global awareness of this neglected food & feed source.

For more information on price venue and hotels please click here.


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