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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Good weather helps Ukraine increase grain harvest

Ukraine's grains harvest will reach 60 mln tonnes this year, encouraged by a strong start to autumn-sown crops.

The forecast for grain production from Ukraine experts from the analytical agency is estimated it at 60.1 mln tonnes, up 3.5m tonnes from last year. The forecast comes despite a dismal start to autumn sowing which were, delayed well beyond the ideal planting window by persistent rains.

However, warmer-than-usual weather in October and November allowed farmers to catch up on most of their autumn sowings, now seen falling less than 400,000 hectares for wheat, and, combined with moist soil, ensured a strong start.

"Owing to sufficient soil moisture supply everywhere and warmer-than-usual weather in October and November, condition of winter crops improved significantly prior to their entry into winter," the report of UkrAgroConsult said.

In additional experts say that the grain is in good condition. "Indeed, 99.9% of winter grains had emerged by early December, compared with 95.5% a year before" – according to the report. The proportion of the crop rated "good" or "satisfactory" was well above 90%, the best result in at least five years. "Overall, this year's condition of winter grains at the end of autumn growing was one of the best in recent years," the report said.

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