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Non GM Soy conference a big success

With almost 130 delegates from across Germany and Europe, the Brazilian Non GM Soy event held in Münster Germany earlier this month has been hailed as a great success by the organisers, with a number of positive outcomes including the availability of increased volumes and several new players emerging among Non-GMO suppliers of soybean material for the European market.

Delegates came from across the food and feed industry in Germany, Serbia, Switzerland and Norway and in particular five of the major retailers in Germany:  REWE Group, EDEKA, ALDI, Lidl, Kaufland participated. This in particular demonstrated that non GMO is a top agenda issue for European consumers.

At the supply end of the chain - ADM and Louis-Dreyfus were sponsors and Cargill sent a number of delegates.  ADM Brazil created a container-based platform for Non-GMO beans one year ago. Sustainable Non-GMO soy meal certified under ProTerra will be available from Luxembourg-domiciled SODRUGESTVO, crushed in Kaliningrad through Baltic Sea Transport.

Freight rates for container shipment from Brazil have also just dropped again. Maersk, the largest container line worldwide, was a sponsor of the event. Maersk considers agricultural and Non-GMO business the biggest growth factor out of Brazil at present.

It was clear that at this event that, despite concerns in the marketplace, Brazilian suppliers on Non-GMO will satisfy the needs of the European marketplace and deliver both in volumes and in terms of Non-GMO purity of raw material for compliance with EU labelling regulations.



  • J Gressel

    How much more will the non-GMO soy cost? Not mentioned. How much lower will the yields be - requiring ploughing up more land? Not mentioned. What will be the impact be on the fragile soils and the environment of Brazil will using cultivation and residual herbicides instead of no-till with much more environmentally friendly glyphosate? No mention. How much more carbon doixide be emitted by the boats bringing the heavy containers vs bulk shipping? No mention.
    Of course the suppliers and shippers don't care - there are multiple mark-ups along the chain. Everyone wins, except the consumer paying more so as not to buy soy that EFSA and every major medical and science body says is safe, and the environment. Such biased hypocrisy!

  • Claire Robinson

    J Gressel, you are misinformed. GM soy does not yield more than non-GM and often yields less--the 'yield drag' of GM soy is well known. No-till with GM herbicide-tolerant soy is associated with vastly increased use of herbicides, since herbicides are used to control weeds rather than ploughing. And please spare us your angst about cost. If buyers are willing to pay the premium for a better and safer product, then non-GM soy is no more evil than grass-fed beef (as compared with cheap intensive feedlot beef).
    You will get nowhere with Europeans by invoking EFSA's name. A report by Corporate Europe Observatory shows over half of EFSA experts have conflicts of interest with the industries they are supposed to regulate. Such conflicts of interest have earned EFSA the condemnation of scientists, the European Parliament, broad sectors of the media, and even the European Court of Auditors. How did you miss all this?

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