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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russian compound feed industry increase intake of corn

Lower corn prices on the domestic market in Russia resulted in the country’s livestock producers actively increasing its consumption, according to a recent report from the Russian Grain Union (RGU).

The recent report states that it has observed the replacement of wheat and barley with maize in the compound feed of animals and poultry.

For instance in February 2014 it processed more than 647,000 tonnes of grain which is 6.6 % higher than February 2013. The share of corn in the structure of feed grain has increased to 27.4% vs 21.4 % in February 2013.

"In the structure of feed, corn stays second place to wheat in the list of most actively used crops with 177,100 tonnes, leaving barley in third place with 115,400 tonnes which is 13.7% lower than February 2013.

For eight months of the current financial year the volume of corn processing for animal feed has increased by 50% on year-to-year comparison, and in compound feed production of the Russian enterprises has jumped to 20.2 % vs 14.2 % during the last financial year", - the report says.

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