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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Adisseo to organize anti-oxidant seminar

French based Animal Nutrition company organises the first Selisseo Anti-Oxidant Seminar”, to be held on June 23rd in Stavanger, Norway, prior to the 14th European Poultry Conference 2014.

Oxidative stress appears to be of crucial importance for animal protein production, not only through its effect on lipid oxidation but also through its detrimental impact on proteins and their functional roles. This Anti-Oxidant Seminar will gather scientists from all over the world, among which Dr Mario Estevez, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Caceres, Spain; Prof Peter Sruai, FeedFood Ltd, Ayr, Scotland; Dr Charlotte Lauridsen, Dept. Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark; Prof Roger Sunde, Nutritional Sciences, Wisconsin University and Dr Yves Mercier, Adisseo, France.

The seminar is aimed to better understand the basis of oxidative stress and potential anti-oxidant solutions : from vitamin E to seleno-proteins, through carotenoids and sulphur amino acids.

During this seminar, Adisseo will introduce its new form of organic Se (Se-hydroxy-methionine, Selisseo®) as a 100% efficient Se which will actively contribute to the anti-oxidant balance of human and animals.

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