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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Zhengchang introduces new feed equipment

Recently Zhengchang launched the SZLH528 Pellet Mill and the SPHS218F Extruder. The Chinese company made some improvements to make the mill and extruder more efficient than their traditional ones.

Compared with the traditional pellet mill from Zhengchang, the SZLH528 optimizes paddle's structure and distribution, which can made material fully mixed and has sufficient long conditioning time, with a better cooking and mixing effect.

In addition, it adopts gear type driving system, making the production 15% more efficient than the belt conveyors. The design of the gear box and driving system make the transmission more stable and reliable. Chute structure and automatic discharging system have also been improved. With the mechanism of outer oil lubrication, anti-blockage die holes and pneumatic outer discharge of material, these can assure that the equipment work safely and tightly to reach high hygienic level and be free of leak. The main shaft temperature alarm system improves the stability of main drive. The gears use the top quality steel, which can make gear work more than 30,000 hours.

The SPHS218F extruder is a new machine for the production of a variety of high-grade extruded aquafeed and petfood. The special design of mixing shaft and blade effectively improves maturity level and mixing evenness. It can add up to 30% water and steam which can be evenly mixed. It has high hardness, wear-resistant alloy screws and bushing, which greatly improves the services life of quick-wear parts. Constant clearance between cutters insures the appearance of the machine.


  • Zhengchang introduces new feed equipment
  • Zhengchang introduces new feed equipment

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