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News last update:14 Jan 2016

DSM: ‘Feed proteases-science into practice' seminar

In response to growing market interest on the protease topic, DSM recently hosted a seminar entitled ‘Feed proteases – science into practice” in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

Organised in collaboration with DSM's strategic feed enzymes partner Novozymes, the day-long seminar held on the 8th June, disseminated to industry the key findings of the first ever Global Feed Protease Dialogue, held in Copenhagen last year, an event where leading academics spent two days discussing feed protease current understanding and future direction. The seminar also set the scene for an open dialogue about proteases which covered topics such as:

  • current benefits of proteases
  • further opportunities for protease application
  • areas of research needed to more fully exploit the value of proteases

Presentations during the seminar provided scientific evidence and insights on the beneficial effects of proteases for animal nutrition today. With an estimated saving rate of €2-6 per ton of feed produced, proteases are becoming extremely attractive to industry producers aiming to lower the costs of animal feed without impacting performance.

Discussing their role in the evolving field of animal nutrition, proteases were also shown to be important in low protein diets that meet essential amino acid requirements through use of an increasingly diverse range of synthetic amino acids. Such reliance on synthetic amino acids to replace crude protein can reduce non-essential amino acid concentrations in diets and increase the potential for nutritional deficiencies.

Proven to significantly improve the digestion of non-essential amino acids, exogenous proteases can help address potential deficiency issues related to low protein diets.

Future market opportunities
Delegates discussed the expected growth in the EMEA region over the next few years. With 20% of the EMEA broiler market already using proteases just four years after its launch, the region has been quick to recognise the benefits of proteases. While economic factors have been important in driving this success, the effectiveness of proteases in helping producers comply with increasing environmental and welfare legislation in the EU has also been very important and is expected to help maintain rapid market growth.

Untapping new benefits
Key to the seminar was discussion around the future development of proteases. Central to this is a meta-analysis which has investigated the effect of exogenous proteases on ileal amino acid digestibility and performance.

You can also watch the following video's on DSM's Youtube channel:-

Rick Kleyn, Poultry Nutritionist Consultant Spesfeed (Pty) Ltd provides further insights on the benefits offered by proteases today and in the future.

Adam Smith, Market Development Manager for RONOZYME®ProAct EMEA, discusses growing market opportunities in more detail.

Aaron Cowieson, principal scientist at DSM, explains the results of the meta-analysis.


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