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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Animal feed proteins from wastewater

A US company is introducing a new protein ingredient for animal feed by upcycling nutrients from wastewater.

The Nutrinsic Corporation has developed a single cell protein* which is produced using the company's patented technology that upcycles nutrients that are currently lost in food and beverage plant wastewater. The added benefit is that this process delivers clean water to the environment and eliminates the need to dispose of waste.

The process involves modifying biological conditions in existing wastewater systems to favour the growth of protein producing bacteria that are safe, non-GMO and native to the system. The company then harvests these bacteria in a straightforward process of concentration, drying and sterilising to produce a single cell protein for inclusion in animal feeds.

The feed ingredient contains 60% protein and delivers high digestibility and has tested favourably among a variety of aquatic and terrestrial animal species, including tilapia, trout, salmon, shrimp, piglets and poultry.  Additional feeding studies are underway.

Nutrinsic is completing construction of its first US production facility for this new ingredient in Trenton, Ohio, which is expected to be ready at the end of the year. A facility in China has been operational for several months and is co-owned by Nutrinsic and other partners in a joint venture.  This plant utilises brewery wastewater to produce high quality single cell protein for the local market while eliminating the need to dispose of waste and providing clean water.


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