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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Ukraine feed industry to increase consumption of grain

Despite the general political and economic unrest, Ukraine’s feed industry is experiencing an increase in demand which will be reflected in the growing figures for consumption of feed crops in 2014/15, according to a report from the analytical agency APK-Inform.

It is expected that the country's feed industry will demand 17.8 million tonnes of grain which is by 4.1% higher than the consumption of grain by feed industry in 2013/14 which according to official data amounted to 17.1 million tonnes.

The analyst from APK-Inform expected an increase of feed barley consumption by 8.6% to 3.85 million tonnes in 2014/15 against 3.54 million tonnes in 2013/14 and feed corn consumption to 7.35 million tonnes compared with 7.2 million tonnes last year.

Compared to the last forecast, analysts increased there estimation on the demand for grain by 6.1% following the numerous reports that the country's feed industry will continue to boost production following the rising demand from Ukraine's livestock sector.

Analysts also noted that last year Ukraine has produced 4.9% more compound feed than in the previous season - 7.56 million tonnes against 7.21 million tonnes in 2012/13. APK-Inform concluded that in general the tendency of growth of the feed production in Ukraine will continue in coming years.

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