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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Ukraine to strengthen position in world feed grain market

In the coming years Ukraine plans to strengthen its position in the top-5 list of feed grain exporters in the world, stated Dmitry Prikhodko, representative of the from Ukraine’s department of the Investment Centre of FAO.

"By 2023 it is expected that Ukraine will become the fourth-largest corn exporter in the world after the US, Brazil and Argentina. Aiming that the country's total corn supplied to the global market by that time will amount to 12%," he said.

In general, the forecasts say that by that time Ukraine may increase grain export to 50 million tonnes, which will exceed the level of 2013 by 60%. Corn export by that time may rise to 20 million tonnes.

Dmitry Prikhodko also stated that Ukraine exporters are considering Chinese market as most attractive in terms of supplies over the coming years. In particular, it is expected that import of feed grains in China will more than double by 2023.

"Certainly, the markets for Ukrainian corn will be Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, and North Africa. This are common sales markets for Ukraine agricultural production," he added.

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