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Seminar discusses dairy management science

A seminar organised by Kemin discussed the science and art of dairy management. The technical team presented: “Balancing Nutrients is an Art” and “Turn Challenges into Opportunities in Today's Dairy Farming."

The seminar held last December in Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh, India December discussed effective dairy nutrition practices and dairy farm management through balanced ruminant nutrition and its components of feeding schedule, optimal feed quantities and nutritional values important to maximise animal production. The technical team also shared insights on diagnosis, prognosis and prevention of disorders of nutrition and metabolism.

Dairy farmers facing immense pressure

"In today's scenario dairy farmers are facing immense pressure on increasing input costs for dairy nutrition and suffering because of thin profit margins. Exploring ways to increase returns per rupee investment is the need of the hour. It is achievable through smart feeding" says, Dr Deepak Dubey, Marketing Manager at Kemin animal nutrition and health in India.

Dr Tanweer Alam, Director, Sales & Marketing at Kemin animal nutrition and health in India states "Kemin always takes the responsibility of sharing scientific insights very seriously as a way to help  dairy farmers maximise milk production and increase financial returns."

Sessions discuss several challenges faced by farmers

Approximately 95 dairy farmers from different locations attended the conference and actively interacted with the Kemin nutritional experts to explore the latest scientific innovations in profitable dairy farming. These sessions addressed several challenges facing farmers today and provided solutions for dairy farmers. In 2015 the Kemin Kontact Programme will be offered throughout the year by experts as a consulting and educational series to help Indian farmers improve dairy nutrition and animal health.


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