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Ukraine begin export of soybean meal to Turkey and Georgia

Creative Group became the first among Ukrainian exporters to sell its soybean meal to Turkey and Georgia since the beginning of the year, according to the representatives of the Group.

Overall the Group shipped 3.500 tonnes; 2.000 tonnes and 1.500 tonnes respectively to each country so far, for 2015 it plans to increase exports to 8.000 tonnes of soybean meal per month: 5.000 tonnes and 3.000 tonnes respectively.

Maxim Berezkin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Creative Group, said that the company adheres to the strategy of diversification of export supplies and the company is already exporting about 70% of its own production.

Opening up new market opportunities

"Access to the markets of Turkey and Georgia opens the global market for us. In addition to the Black Sea, the Group currently delivers products to Belarus, Moldova, India and China" Maxim Berezkin added.

The company is currently exporting to the port of departure, while in the future it plans to make direct deliveries to the port of destinations. Experts say that the profitability of export supplies of all Ukraine agricultural production in recent year has significantly increased amid the falling exchange rate of the hrivnia

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