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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Delacon trees in Thailand grow well

Last year, animal nutrition company Delacon planted over 500 native trees in Thailand. Being an expert in phytogenic feed additives and with a passion for nature, it was now time to visit the site again to see how well the trees had grown.

The planting was done at the Baan Lankha Community Forest in Thailand, where the company joined the 'Plant A Tree Today' Foundation (PATT) after the Performing Nature Symposium, held last year in Thailand.

"With our tree planting activity, we would like to make a visible sign that environmental action and climate change is in the hands of everyone. It is everybody's own responsibility to take a share in making this world a better place, and this activity is a reminder to think about this topic every day", explains Delacon's CEO Markus Dedl. All trees that were planted on that day are native, partly indigenous and thus, highly beneficial to the local community who takes care of the maintenance on-site.

On the occasion of the forthcoming International Day of Forests, Delacon staff members recently visited the Baan Lankha Community Forest to take a look at the growing trees. They were told that the survival rate of the plots planted in 2014 is more than 90% and the community replanted trees to replace the ones that did not survive from the previous dry season. The current average height of the seedlings is around 30-170 cm, depending on the species. Delacon will follow up on this project.

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