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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia: Transforming fish waste into protein hydrolysate

A large cluster will be created for processing fish waste in the Murmansk Oblast region of Russia. The cluster, made up of several facilities including a research centre, will process the waste and transform it into protein hydrolysate for further use in compound feed production, reported local media Nord News.

Representatives of the project say that it will be crucial for the domestic feed industry, which currently has to import the majority of  supplements from abroad.

"Today Russian factories import almost all of the vitamin and mineral supplements, which account for 40% of the cost of feed. From the beginning of the year, the cost of supplements rose by 60-80% (due to the fall of the exchange rate of the Russian ruble)", stated Sergey Waal the chairman of the Volkhov feed mill, located in Murmansk Oblast.

New processing technology

The new technology that was developed in Russia, allows the production of protein hydrolysate from fish tails and bones. The final production contains 14-17% of protein, according to the information of the representatives of the project.

Within the cluster the local authorities also plan to launch "Murmansk Research and Production Centre", which will continue to explore new technologies of increasing of efficiency of feeding and aquaculture industry.

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