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News last update:14 Jan 2016

EU feed chain partners reject EC proposal on GM feed crops

EU Food and feed chain partners have rejected the European Commissions’ latest proposal which attempts to renationalise EU market authorisations of genetically modified crops for feed and food use.

The EU food and feed chain partners urge the EU Parliament and Council to reject the Commission's proposal which amounts to renationalisation and would reverse the economic achievements of the European Customs Union and the Single Market.

Speaking on behalf of EU Food and Feed Chain partners, Pekka Pesonen, Copa-Cogeca Secretary General warned the European Commission about the adverse economic and social impact of this proposal which was released today. "It will seriously threaten the Internal Market for food and feed products, causing substantial job losses and lower investment in the agri-food chain in "opt-out" countries. This would cause serious distortions of competition for all EU agri-food chain partners," he stressed.

The announced initiative (22nd April) also strongly calls into question the EU's own political priorities on "jobs and growth" and on the "better and smart regulation agenda."


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