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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia: Processing locusts for compound feed

The first trial production line for processing locusts into raw material for compound feed production has been launched in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, by the group of scientists from the country’s Agricultural Engineering Academy.

The system called 'The extruder vector' processes dried insect bodies by heat and pressure. During such processing all harmful bacteria are destroyed. It is important that this treatment keeps high energy value of the production.

Locust meal exceeds nutrition value of fish meal

Scientists confirm that the protein content and general nutrition value of the locust meal significantly exceed fish meal, which makes it quite attractive for use in feed of poultry and pig.

Representatives of the project Oleg Krasilnikov say that the conversion ratio of the locust meal is close to 95%.

Using fir tree branches in animal feed

Engineers also stated that 'The extruder vector' is capable of processing fir tree branches into animal feed, which could also be an quite attractive technology in the near future. The first batches of the production are already ready and according to the representatives of the project inside Russia, it will also be exported to Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

Building a feed plant to process locusts

Representatives of the project have not ruled out the possibility of creating a plant for the production of locust meal if there is a demand for the product among customers.

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