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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia to completely ban import of GMO products

Russian State Duma has adopted the first draft law which completely prohibits the import and cultivation of any agricultural products containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) as of April 24.

The deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Science and Education Nataliya Tretiyak reported the only exception will be made for scientific and research studies.

GMO products need to be registered according to the new law

The draft law also creates a system of expertise of imported production on the presence of GMO. All production containing genetically modified organisms should be registered and included in the special database. The new law will affect the part of import supplies of feedstuffs, as so far in Russia 12 breeds of GM-corn and 6 breeds of GM-soybeans have been approved.

"If we are speaking about absolute figures then we are talking about 2 million tonnes of soybeans and 53,000 tonnes of corn" stated Tretiyak. Russia has been almost completely using GM soybeans and corn as raw materials for compound feed production.

Tougher penalties needed for breaking the new GMO law

At the same time, a number of members of the Parliaments called to implement more tough liability for subject which will violate the new rules. The draft law provides fines of maximum RUB 500,000 (US$ 10,000), which according to experts is very low. "We should take into account that the profit from cultivation GMO crops in Russia exceeds the profit from raising non-GMO production" commented Parliament member Vladimir Fedotkin.

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