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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Association of aquaculture producers established in Russia

The Association of aquaculture producers has been established in Russia on May 19, with the main target of lobbying and stimulating the general development of industry within the coming years, according to the deputy head of the Russian Agricultural Ministry Ilya Shestakov.

Russia's aquaculture industry has been developing rapidly, partly because of the food embargo, implemented by the Russian authorities in August of 2014. Aquaculture production saw its production volume increase by 10% in 2014, where in 2013 total production amounted to 165,000 tonnes.

Within the coming five years the industry should almost double in size, so in 2020 the production volume will reach 315,000 tonnes, according to the association. This year the volume of production will be 179,600 tonnes.

It is expected that the head of 'Russian Sea – Aquaculture' Yuri Kitashin will become CEO of the association. According to him, aquaculture industry in Russia is still suffering from lack of regulations and lack of state support in particular regions. However, during last year, due to the rise of prices at the domestic market, the industry has seen an increase of average profitability, and the program of replacing import with domestically produced products in the Russian fish market promises large state support at federal level for fish farmers.

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