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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Cherkizovo builds large feed mill in Voronezh Oblast

Russian agricultural holding Cherkizovo Group is building a large feed mill in the Voronezh Oblast. The new mill is to produce up to 375,000 tonnes of high-grade granular feed for poultry and pork.

It is planned that the first part of the new plant will be in operation in August of this year. It will create 50 jobs. The total investment is estimated at $33.6 million. The new feed mill is designed to meet the demands of several pork and poultry farms Cherkizovo is constructing in the area.

Acquisition of Lisko Broiler

Cherkizovo Group, Russia's largest meat and feed producer, has been present in the Voronezh region for eight years. During this time, the company has invested nearly $268 million in the regional economy, including the acquisition of Lisko Broiler earlier in 2014.

Activities in the Voronezh region include poultry and commercial pork production, swine nucleus units, grain farming and fodder manufacturing.

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