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News last update:14 Jan 2016

FASFC recognises equivalence between G-001 and GMP

The FASFC recognises the equivalence between the Feed Chain Alliance standard (formerly GMP Regulation) and the Self-checking guide Animal Feed (G-001). Both standards may now be included on one certificate.

That means Companies are no longer required to have a separate certificate for the Self-checking guide Animal Feed. That way certain administrative costs will be avoided.

The requirements included in the Self-checking guide Animal feed are wholly contained in the A-series of the Feed Chain Alliance (FCA) Standard (formerly GMP Animal feed). The equivalence is applicable to a specific version of each audit referential.

Avoid any additional costs

In the future, a separate certificate for the Self-checking guide will no longer be necessary. This will avoid any additional costs, charged by institutions entrusted with the certification. From 10/06/2015 onwards, a certification body may include both standards on 1 certificate.

For the equivalence, certain conditions must nevertheless be taken into account. All company activities must be covered by a Feed Chain Alliance certificate in order to enjoy the benefits from such a certification, including:

  • A bonus on the annual FASFC contributions
  • A lower inspection frequency

For now, the equivalence is only to be applied by companies not making use of the multi-site structure, not having undergone an audit subcontracted by another certification body, and for companies not making use of a specific billing address (included on the FCA certificate). Therefore, these FCA companies are temporarily excluded from the system. If a company wishes to opt for the Self-checking guide Animal Feed it is free to do so.


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