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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Roxell introduces open feeding system for broilers

Roxell is introducing CoMeo, a new broiler feeder pan that should provide optimal access to the feed, minimise feed waste, maximise feed intake, and features a special cleaning system.

CoMeo is Roxell's first open feeding system. By removing the grill the broilers have an easier access to the feed from the first day until the end of the flock, says Roxell. "The start-up of the flock is optimised by the low pan height (60 mm - 0.2 ft) and the open design of the pan. Broilers often resort to feeder pans to sleep in. The new open pan, CoMeo, keeps the birds out of the pan from day 2, providing all of them with perfect access to the feed, resulting in optimal feed intake."

Minimise feed waste

The high anti-waste rim and the stepped feeder pan should minimise feed waste, says Roxell. CoMeo also features a patented cleaning system: "Authorities are imposing increasingly stringent requirements on housing hygiene. The innovative design of the CoMeo pan facilitates cleaning of all components of the feeding system. The patented click system exposes all components for cleaning: from the inside of the cone to the pan," says Roxell.


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