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News last update:18 Jan 2016

Chinese company to build fishmeal plant in Russia

Chinese fish company Yuanchzhen intends to build a processing plant for the production of fishmeal in the Sakhalin Oblast at the Far East part of Russia, according to the representatives of the company - following negotiations with regional officials.

The planned location for the new plant is in the Korsakovsky district which is the top fishing area in the region. According to representatives of the project the new processing plant will have a sufficient raw material base as 43,000 tonnes of fish where caught last year in the district.

It is expected that the project will receive state support. However, representatives of Yuanchzhen have so far not specified the total investment or the capacity of the new plant.

Local experts say that the company is likely will be exporting part of the production abroad as Far East part of Russia has poorly developed livestock and feed industry, and for Yuanchzhen it would be hard to sell large amount of fishmeal here.

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