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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Belaya Ptica to construct large compound feed mill

Russian agricultural holding Belaya Ptica announced it will construct a new feed mill with the capacity of nearly 260,000 tonnes of feed per year within the coming two years. The project is to ensure the company’s self-sufficiency in high-quality feed production.

Belaya Ptica ('White Bird') will receive state support for the construction of the new feed mill, which will be located in the Kursk Oblast of Russia in the so-called Black Earth region, which has seen a major increase in the production of agricultural products in recent years.

According to the general director of the agricultural holding Dmitri Avelcov, the total cost of the project could amount up to RUB 2.3 billion (€ 37.2 million).

Grain storage facilities

Next to the new feed mill the company plans to establish grain storage facilities with the capacity of 127,000 tonnes of grain per year. "We're looking at the Gorshechensky and Kastorensky areas [of Kursk Oblast] for this, where we already have our own production units," stated Dmitri Avelcov.

Recently, representatives of the Russian Union of Feed producers said that in coming years projects of Russian agricultural holdings in the area of feed production will be the main driver of growth of the industry, as these companies will require large amounts of feed to launch new projects in the area of poultry and pig farming, which receives strong support of the state since the food shortages occurred after the introduction of the food embargo.

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