The first carbon-neutral feed mill to be built in Ukraine

05-05-2021 | |
carbon-neutral feed mill Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Ukraine’s largest broiler meat producer MHP signed a preliminary agreement with the Illinois-based Marquis Energy, under which the companies plan to build the country’s first carbon-neutral feed mill for the production of high-protein feed, oil, food-grade liquefied carbon dioxide, and bioethanol.

The new state-of-the-art feed mill will process 500,000 tonnes of corn per year to release products with high added value, the MHP press office told local press.

Quality goods can and should be produced without harming the environment, which is exactly what MHP does.

Energy resources from renewable sources

The company stressed that the new project is fully consistent with circular economy principles and envisages all energy resources for the feed mill operation to be produced from renewable sources and waste, in accordance with RED II and other EU Directives’ conditions. The feed mill is also expected to have a high level of energy efficiency.

No GMOs or antibiotics used

MHP announced plans to employ Marquis Energy’s technology for deep corn processing. “It allows manufacturing without the use of GMOs and antibiotics. The products will be clean, high quality, and environmentally friendly,” MHP said.

MHP aims for carbon neutrality by 2030

“Our innovative project with Marquis Energy is an important tool for MHP in achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and significantly reducing its ecological footprint in finished products as part of a culinary transformation,” said Yuri Kosyuk, Chairman of the Board of MHP

“Quality goods can and should be produced without harming the environment, which is exactly what MHP does. Our cooperation is an example of synergistic work between 2 industry leaders aimed at achieving the best eco-innovation standards, ” Kosyuk added.

The new feed mill is expected to further strengthen MHP’s status as Ukraine’s biggest feed producer.

Largest feed producers in Ukraine

MHP produced around 30% of feed in Ukraine, the local publication Latifundist estimated in 2020. The other largest feed producers were as follows UkrLandFarming with a 5.23% market share, Ovostar Union (4.6%), APK-Invest (2.54%), Agro-Oven (2.02%), Niva Pereyaslavshchiny (1.95%), and Globino (1.22%).

It is yet to be seen how much feed and bioethanol the companies plan to produce at the new facility.

About Marquis Energy
Marquis Energy is a major US bioethanol producer, operating the largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the world with a production capacity of 365 million gallons per year. The company uses a dry process to grind the corn and use fermentation to extract the fuel component. Out of a bushel of corn, the technology makes 2.9 gallons of ethanol and nearly 16 pounds of DDG, which is commonly used as a high-protein animal feed.
Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent