People: Anitox makes key supply chain appointment

17-03-2014 | |
People: Anitox makes key supply chain appointment
People: Anitox makes key supply chain appointment

Anitox are pleased to announce that Chris Barnes has joined as Global head of supply chain and procurement.

The appointment is the first of several new roles that the company expects to create and fill over the next few months, as it seeks to expand into new markets, launch new products and consolidate its leading position.

“Anitox is a fast paced company, with an admirable growth strategy,” Chris says. “In seeking a new challenge, Anitox provided exactly what I was after. The recent rebranding process has kick started a round of exciting new global business opportunities, all of which show huge potential.

Chris says that with Anitox looking to double in size over the next three years, the supply chain role will become hugely significant. “Companies can overlook links in their supply chain, while blaming faults on suppliers. If Anitox is to build a reputation on service and commitment to quality, that’s just not acceptable.

Roger Mann, Chief Operating Officer for Anitox, says: “I am delighted to welcome Chris to the Anitox team. His appointment is crucial for us as we capitalise on new opportunities and look to expand our business. To do that effectively, it is imperative that we build a more resilient supply chain to maintain our high standards of customer service.”

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