BioMar sees potential in novel aquafeed solutions

26-04-2019 | |
BioMar sees potential in novel aquafeed solutions. Photo: Shutterstock
BioMar sees potential in novel aquafeed solutions. Photo: Shutterstock

Insect meal, algae oil and single cell proteins show promise as novel ingredients in the diets of farmed fish.

This is according to BioMar that has completed tests with these novel ingredients for use in aquafeed. The company believes that these raw materials can address some of the needs of the market and is now eager to speed up their adoption through the creation of innovative feed solutions targeting the needs of seafood consumers.

Entrepreneurs will benefit

BioMar has been investigating insect meal since 2015 in its Research and Development centres and from 2017 tests have been done with their customers who have been feeding their fish on diets containing insect meal. These fish have already made their way to supermarkets in Europe among retailers who are eager to implement future-oriented food solutions that focus on natural foods.

Michel Autin, Technical Director at BioMar’s EMEA Division said: “Innovation of course comes at a cost, but farmers who are the first movers with insect meal will benefit from a strong market position. Insect meal has a future as an alternative protein source in aquaculture feed if the price of this new raw material can be kept at reasonable limits. We have good test results on insect meal originating from black soldier flies, mealworms and others, which makes it a promising raw material.”

Changing the seafood sector

BioMar believes that next to insect meal, more novel ingredients can be used to create innovative feed solutions for farmed fish in the coming time. Earlier successful projects to change the seafood sector include ‘In the Blue’, a sustainable salmon created by the partnership of Kavøry, Wholefoods and BioMar. Also already in the market is Silverside Coho created with Vertisqueros.

Source: BioMar

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor