Cockroaches as animal feed in Belarus

26-02-2015 | |
Cockroaches as animal feed in Belarus

A pilot project in Belarus is being launched in which the benefits of insects as a protein source in animal feed are tested. The first stage is the creation of an experimental unit where animals will be fed a diet containing cockroaches.

“One of the most important issues today is a lack of feed protein needed for feeding farm animals. The basis of the feeding diet includes mostly grain and needs enrichment with feed protein supplements,” says Catherine Setrakova, who’s involved in the pilot project.

Proteins using insects

The new technology should allow producers to solve the problem of shortage of proteins using insects. “For example, marble cockroaches can eat organic wastes. As a result of this processing we get a highly effective fertilizer – biohumus, while the cockroaches get richer with protein.”

Many challenges

At the same time, according to Catherine Setrakova, the use of insects as feed ingredients is still facing many challenges.

“We plan to create a biotechnological center. It is necessary to work out all the little details, such as for example sterilization of insects in the laboratory.”

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent