FAO launches insect directory for stakeholders

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FAO launches insect directory for stakeholders
FAO launches insect directory for stakeholders

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) have developed the Global Stakeholder Directory (Version 2.0) on Edible Insects.

Insects are a potential source for conventional production (mini-livestock) of protein, either for direct human consumption, or indirectly in recomposed foods (with extracted protein from insects); and as a protein source into feedstock mixtures. Since 2003, FAO has been working on topics pertaining to edible insects in many countries worldwide.

This directory lets stakeholders present their current and past work on insects as feed and food. It also enables users to identify synergies on cross cutting topics such as:

  • nutrition,
  • livestock management,
  • legislation,
  • labelling and investment

While facilitating networking at regional/national levels.

Stakeholders are invited to join the directory and share contact details, social media channels, and website links which link directly to your publications.

For the latest updates on insects as a feed protein see our New Protein section

If you would like to be part of this dynamic directory please write to FO-insects@fao.org. You will then be contacted by FAO in due time with further instructions on how to proceed. Users can choose what information is published online OR if you would like to keep your information private, it will be made available only to the FAO Edible Insect Programme.

The directory can be found here.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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