Nestlé launches pet food with insect proteins

09-11-2020 | |
Pet food on white background. Photo: topntp26
Pet food on white background. Photo: topntp26

Nestlé’s Purina brand is launching pet food that includes insect proteins as well as plant protein from fava beans and millet.

The insect protein used in the new product line comes from black soldier fly larvae, which are already in use in animal feed in Europe. The millet and fava beans provide protein, energy, and fibre to aid digestion, according to Nestlé.

The pet food products will first be sold in Switzerland from November and consist of 2 different recipes both available for dogs and cats: one based on chicken, pig’s liver and millet; the second using insect protein, chicken and fava beans.

Nestlé Purina Petcare EMENA CEO Bernard Meunier said in a company press release: “Every ingredient in our food serves a purpose. With our new Beyond Nature’s Protein dry pet food, we are offering a complete nutritious alternative to conventional dog and cat products, while taking care of the planet’s precious resources by diversifying the protein sources. We‘re constantly looking at ways in which we can source sustainably for the longer-term while still delivering the high-quality nutrition that pets need today and tomorrow.”

The health-promoting potential of the black soldier fly
For the first time, the antioxidant effect of insect protein has been investigated in real-time conditions.

Futher on the company states: “In addition to the use of alternative protein sources, the launch of Beyond Nature’s Protein will make a further contribution to the environment. Purina has agreed to a partnership with Reforest‘Action so that for every product sold, a tree will be planted in Sumatra, Indonesia, to aid reforestation.”

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Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed