3 people held over fake chicken feed

19-03-2007 | |

Over five shops dealing in chicken feeds in Kampala, Uganda have been closed after the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) discovered that they were selling fake products.

Grace Nakitende, Jane Nanfuka, and Mike Kasule, all
residents of Kisenyi, were arrested for allegedly being in possession of 500
sacks of feeds mixed with sand.
The head of animal feeds in Kisenyi, Badiru
Muguluma, noted: “We cannot just sit down and see these people sell sand to our
customers. Customers come back here crying that their chickens have died, not
knowing that they are fed on sand.”


He explained that the fraudsters sell feeds made
of sand (70%), with 30% of the product being cotton seed-cake, seashells,
maize-brand, sunflower and salt. The UNBS standards officer, Dan Kugonza, said
the traders would be trained on proper chicken feeds.

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