AB Vista shows positive sales growth marks

11-11-2015 | |
AB Vista shows positive sales growth marks
AB Vista shows positive sales growth marks

AB Vista has announced sales growth of more than 20% for the financial year ended 13 September 2015.

Since its establishment in 2004, AB Vista has grown to become a top-3 player in feed enzymes and a major supplier of yeast and natural betaine to the global animal nutrition industry. The principal driver of this year-on-year success has been strong sales growth (over 40%) of its Quantum Blue phytase enzyme.

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During the IPPE 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, AB Vista discussed the successful launch of their product Quantum Blue.

AB Vista attributes its success to a heavy focus on scientific integrity and open, collaborative relationships with customers and research partners. “We aim to bring a broader knowledge base to the global feed industry through close collaboration with customers and academics, identifying new and exciting opportunities for improved feed and animal performance. One example of this approach has been the increasing application of Quantum Blue superdosing (at around 3X the traditional phytase dose) to boost animal performance,” explains Managing Director, Richard Cooper.

It’s an approach that has led to further gains in market share in the global phytase market and driven the company’s geographical expansion, with 2015 seeing a number of new sales channels established across the world. AB Vista has also invested in bringing new talent and expanding infrastructure to its business during 2015, with the addition of several new distributors, 35 new hires, and restructuring to align the business more closely with its regional markets.

AB Vista’s announcement comes on the back of results released by parent company Associated British Foods plc, which reported annual group revenue of £12.8 billion and an adjusted operating profit of £1,092 million.