Adisseo develops new tool for enzyme

16-12-2016 | |
Adisseo develops new tool for enzyme
Adisseo develops new tool for enzyme

Animal nutrition company Adisseo is launching an innovative model that helps customers to extract the maximum potential from their own feed formulations when using its Feedase.

Predictor provides nutritionists with a precise and tailored nutritional matrix, allowing them to identify the amount of nutrients that could be saved when the enzyme takes effect in feed formulation.

Rovabio® Advance, with its innovative enzyme profile, is a Feedase because it improves overall digestibility of feed nutrients. It transforms part of nutrients’ indigestible fraction into digestible fraction. Considering this effect on global digestibility, feed reformulation should be revisited. That’s the role of Predictor.

In order to estimate the potential of an enzyme in the diet, nutritionists should first know the indigestible fraction of nutrients. When evaluating the effect of enzymes, energy availability is usually the only factor that is taken into account. Hence, reformulating the feed based on energy has been the common practice for years. Nevertheless, today, with this new generation enzyme, the practice should change to integrate the other nutrients also affected by the enzyme.

Based on the diet set up by the user in the application, Predictor evaluates the amount of indigestible nutrients in the feed and estimates how much could be released by the enzyme. In practice, the user selects the animal species (broiler, turkey, layer), the feeding program (number of phases), the product used within the range (P25%, P10 %, Advance Max…) and, finally, the composition of his own formulas. Immediately, Predictor gives a consolidated matrix in which the user can find the nutritional uplifts: metabolizable energy, protein, digestible lysine, methionine and cysteine, etc., as well as available phosphorus.

Predictor is a valuable tool on which feed manufacturers can rely to optimise their margin. Considering all factors influencing the feed price, using Rovabio® Advance with a correct matrix leads to an economy of almost 14 USD/MT (for a classic diet based on corn and soybean meal at current raw material prices).

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