Adisseo to increase methionine production

05-06-2009 | |

Adisseo, one of the world leaders in nutritional feed additives, is to invest 25 million Euros to increase methionine production by 25,000 tons at its French and Spanish plants.

The decision is part of the company’s proactive policy to support the continuous growth of global demand for methionine, an essential amino acid for livestock feeding, especially for poultry. It follows on from a first investment plan launched last year and the decision to build a production plant in China, in partnership with China National Bluestar, Adisseo’s parent company.

“This investment will allow us to meet our customers’ needs before our new plant in China becomes operational,” points out Adisseo CEO Gérard Deman. “According to experts, global consumption of meat, which has doubled since 1997, will continue to rise to reach 320 million tons by 2015. And the strongest growth will be in poultry, the largest market for methionine,” he adds.

Two thirds of this 25,000-ton capacity increase will concern Adisseo’s facilities in Burgos, Spain, where liquid methionine is produced under the brand Rhodimet AT88. The French plants in Roussillon (Isère) and Commentry (Allier), which produce powder methionine (Rhodimet NP99), will account for the rest. The capacity increase also applies to the facilities in St Clair du Rhône (Isère) where the main intermediate product for methionine manufacturing is produced.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor