Some amino acids buying activity recently, but overall market calm

26-04-2023 | |
Some amino acids buying activity recently, but overall market calm

In the last weeks, especially threonine, but also lysine hcl and lysine sulphate markets have been active, although it seems to calm down now again. Learn more in this week’s amino acids snapshot (week 17).

Resistance from manufacturers to reduce prices further, low prices, relatively favourable currency exchange rates and stabilising freight rates have triggered Q2 and partly Q3 contracting. Tryptophan and methionine markets are feeling weak. Still some delays seen for Valine ex China, leading to spot business and keeping prices up


After some buying activity in the last weeks for the remainder of Q2 and early Q3, the market has become calm again in most regions. Although several buyers are still looking to contract ahead, also a wait-and-see attitude is still mentioned. Prices had become low, and with the current exchange rate, stabilising container freight rate, and resistance from manufacturers to reduce the price further, buyers felt momentum to do something. The price locally did increase a bit and maybe slightly FOB China, but nothing significant as availability is still very good.


Prices FOB China remain at a firmer level as manufacturers do not move down anymore for now. The market was quite active in the last weeks but feels calmer now again in most regions. Manufacturers have seen a declining market for over a year now and have started to increase prices in an attempt to move away from the low price level. This has triggered late Q2 and early Q3 buying. Prices in the regions have increased a bit.


No changes reported, in a very quiet market. Slightly weaker spot prices are seen in some regions, but no significant changes compared to previous weeks. The methionine market is very quiet. Q2 has been contracted, and prices have stabilised at a relatively low level. Although, as said, a cent/kg of decline here and there is mentioned.


The overall tryptophan market is weaker as the demand is behind still and there is ample supply. In China, but also in other regions like Europe and the USA, the prices are slightly weakening. The market feels very quiet and is well contracted for Q2 and there are no signs of any interest for Q3 right now.


No significant changes are seen in the market. Availability for short-term is in some regions still tight, due to delays ex China and this has led to some additional buying. Prices are relatively stable in most regions until now. Q2 is contracted and a small overlap into Q3 as well.

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