Agrana increases betaine production

17-02-2015 | |
Suger factory in Tulln
Suger factory in Tulln

Austrian company Agrana is going to expand their molasses desugarisation operations at the sugar plant in Tulln, Austria. The investment, being completed by the second quarter of 2015, applies the latest technology and enables the company to launch their new natural betaine product, to be used in animal feed.

The natural betaine product*, also known as trimethylglycine, is extracted from sugar beet molasses and available in two varieties: initially as liquid betaine molasses and later as a powdered option on a carrier.

According to the company, the application of the product partially spares choline chloride, resulting in lower feed costs. Furthermore, natural betaine improves growth performance of animals, as well as their slaughter characteristics and thereby providing farmers with a good carcass quality and low fat yield.

Research trials with the product have been conducted with poultry and the first results will be published soon. Like all of Agrana’s sugar and starch feeds, the betaine product will be GMP+ certified, GMO-free and available throughout the whole year.


Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor