Agro Korn introduces new soy protein concentrate

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Agro Korn introduces soy protein concentrate at EuroTier
Agro Korn introduces soy protein concentrate at EuroTier

From fishmeal to vegetable protein – at EuroTier 2012 Danish company Agro Korn is to present a completely new line of soy protein concentrates, named AlphaSoy Premium.

Formulation of the perfect feed is a delicate matter. Traditionally fishmeal has been used as a protein source for young and sensitive animals. Fish is however a restricted resource, that needs to be protected.

High prices on fish and milk proteins combined with the worldwide growing population and increasing demand for food are direct motivations for shifting from animal protein to vegetable protein whenever possible. AlphaSoy Premium has a low level of anti-nutritional factors and very high digestibility, and it is an excellent alternative to fishmeal and other easily digestible protein sources.

The unique soy protein concentrate has been tested with excellent results in piglets, calves, fish and mink.

Patented and eco-friendly
The production of AlphaSoy Premium is based on a new Danish method, IGM-BioProcessing, developed by researchers at University of Copenhagen.

The technology transfer of the patent, from the University to Agro Korn, has obtained invaluable support from both Danish and European initiatives, GUDP and Eco-Innovation.

As a result a brand new innovative production plant is being established near Horsens in eastern Jutland.

The modern production line is very eco-friendly to meet the growing environmental concerns from the community.

Energy and water is recycled in the production process. Residual products are just not an issue, as IGM-BioProcessing is a holistic approach, and therefore every fraction from the production is being value added, designed for specific use.

During processing the factors with negative influence on growth performance are removed, leaving the proteins highly digestible.

Agro Korn is present at EuroTier at stand F25 in hall 14 where you can learn more about the soy protein concentrates.

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