Altilis updating nutritionists on amino acids and enzymes

14-09-2011 | |

At the first day of the annual French livestock show SPACE, French animal nutrition company Altilis organised a technical meeting focusing on several feed additives, like amino acids, enzymes and organic acids.

The topics, mainly based on nutrition, all had an impact on feed or production costs, and environment, health or product quality. The company also intended to present new and unpublished data as well as information about its products like Axtra XB (NSPase enzyme) and Protural (zootechnical feed additive), newly registered in EU, since May 2011.

The technical meeting was set up in cooperation with Ajinomoto Nutrition Animale and Ajinomoto Eurolysine – and was aimed at swine and poultry nutritionists from feed compounders, premixers, technical advisors and research companies. Up to 200 delegates attended the meeting.

Three speakers zoomed in on amino acids.

Nathalie Quiniou, French Pork and Pig Institute (IFIP) spoke about swine diets with lower protein levels, formulated with canola meal and synthetic amino acids in order to reduce the inclusion level of soybean meal.

Mathieu Gloaguen, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA Rennes) zoomed in on the effect of valine and isoleucine supplementation on performance of piglets receiving protein sources unbalanced in branched chain amino acids.

Michel Lessire, INRA Tours, focused on lysine requirements in broilers and impact on the meat quality.

An additional two topics were directed at enzymes. Philippe Lescoat, INRA Tours spoke in his presentation about the theme: ‘Effect of different doses of xylana-Bglucanase (Axtra XB – Danisco) on the growth of turkeys.

Subject of the talk of Anne-Marie Debicki-Garnier, Danisco, was the anti-nutritional impact of phytates in monogastric animal. She spoke of phytate-protein interaction and phytase efficacy to overcome it.

André Meeusen (Kemira), addressed the organic acids topic, by telling about the use of sodium benzoate (Protural) in piglets.

SPACE is held this year from 13-16 September in Rennes, France.

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