Amino acids market stable for now, while a challenging market for vitamins

11-10-2023 | |
Amino acids market stable for now, while a challenging market for vitamins

Most markets for amino acids are very calm. China has returned from their national holiday and have so far quoted similar prices as they did before their holiday. The next weeks should give more direction. Learn more in this week’s feed additives snapshot (week 41)

Traders and blenders continue to offer vitamin E at prices just below the market. Manufacturers try not to go along with that, but they want to maintain market share as well. D-calpan is still weak and getting very low in price. B2 and B3 are still weak, but seem to be stabilising in most regions. Vitamin A stable to weak.

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The market dynamics have not really changed recently. Prices offered after the Chinese holiday, are still the same. Apart from some spot inquiries, the market for lysine hcl feels very quiet and stable. Prices have been relatively stable over the past weeks and buyers are looking at what to do in terms of Q1 buying. Shipments for export are now only available for November and December, FOB China.


Prices from Chinese manufacturers have been quoted a few cents higher, compared to before the recent Chinese holiday. But in several regions, there is resistance amongst buyers to pay the current offered prices for Q4 shipment ex China, or Q1 delivery in the regions. One of the main Chinese manufacturers is introducing their expanded capacity volume on the market in a very controlled way. And often sold in combination with other amino acids. There is still a small portion of Q4 delivery, that needs to be contracted.


Especially for prompt delivery, that market remains very tight in most regions. Several suppliers recently indicated reduced output available for at least the remainder of 2023. This led to price increases for both spot and Q4 contract business. In the meantime, the market has calmed down again in most cases, and the wait-and-see attitude returned. Most of Q4 is contracted by now.


Not all Chinese suppliers have resumed offering tryptophan prices after their holiday. And Western suppliers have been offering relatively stable prices for some time. The availability for nearby in the US is still tight, but more under control it seems than some weeks ago. In Europe, things are stable and relatively calm. Most of Q4 has been contracted by now.


After a period of weaker prices, the market seems to have stabilised at a low price level in most regions. In several regions, more material has come on the market from China and the traditional suppliers have started to fight in order to keep market share. This resulted in weaker prices recently, but for now with a more stable tone. It is relatively stable and calm right now and Q4 is mostly contracted.

Vitamin E 50%

There is still sales pressure on traders and blenders it seems, as they continue to offer prices that are just below the general market price, in order to move material. Manufacturers continue to offer resistance against further price decline but are also careful not to lose market share. The market is currently very calm and mostly stable to slightly weak, at a relatively low price level, although not historically low. A good portion of Q4 is contracted, but not all of it yet.

Vitamin A 1000

No major changes are seen in the vitamin A market. The price development is stable to weak, at an already very low historic price level. In case of significant volume for Q4 and Q1 delivery, some suppliers are offering prices below the general market price. There is actually decent contract cover ahead as buyers did not expect a significant further price decline and locked in some Q4 volume some time ago already.

Vitamin D3 500

In general, the vitamin D3 500 is stable at a low price level. But in some regions, the price is slightly weakening still. The market feels very quiet. Some buyers have contracted ahead into Q4 as they feel stocks in general are low, and the price risk is manageable. Other buyers have a more spot buying approach as they see no upside potential in the coming period. Q4 is partly contracted, but there is generally a wait-and-see attitude towards further Q4 contracting.

Vitamin B2 80%

The speed of price decline is now considerably lower compared to some weeks ago. Especially in China and in the USA, prices are trending now more stable to slightly weakish still. In Europe, prices are stable and have been stable for months already. A good portion of Q4 was contracted already some time ago, but not all of it yet.


Although the speed of price decline is less compared to previous weeks, the market price is still declining every week step by step. Prices have become really low. Stock positions for nearby are said to be small, but so far the market is not responding to that and buyers continue to look at d-calpan on a very short-term buying basis in most cases. However, some buyers indicate to take longer positions now as the risk is manageable. Cover for Q4 is still not fully done.

Vitamin B3

No significant further price decline is seen in most regions,, although the market does feel weak in general. Local stock positions have improved and the raw material supply situation has improved as well. Many buyers have contracted vitamin B3 already some time ago for Q4. Although a portion of Q4 still needs to be covered, but buyers indicate that they are not in a hurry.

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