Amino acids prices cooling down

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Lysine hcl prices continue to be firm and the market has been very active over the past 2 weeks. Now, a more wait-and-see attitude amongst buyers is seen and suppliers are considering their further price strategy. Learn more in this week’s feed additives snapshot (week 12).

Nearby availability on all types of lysine remains tight. In line with lysine hcl, lysine sulphate and threonine also increased in price, but to a lesser extent. The market is calming down as well in most regions for these 2 products. Tryptophan is very quiet and well contracted ahead. Valine seems to stabilise now at a low level and some buyers have locked in longer term contracts.

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Until last week, the lysine market was very active and prices increased every week. During the price run-up, forward contracts were booked for Q2 and a portion of Q3. In some regions, the market has gone quiet again now. Contracts are booked forward and since the price increased quite rapidly, buyers are getting cautious and want to see first if this firmer trend is going to stick. There is still a tight situation in terms of availability for nearby deliveries in the local regions as ships ex-China are being delayed continuously. A good portion of Q2 is contracted by now and a small portion of Q3 as well.


Prices have increased in several regions, and anyway on a FOB China basis. Suppliers are trying to move away from the low price levels. Buying activity is seen and as nearby availability is not always optimal due to delayed shipments ex China, both spot- and contract prices have increased somewhat. There seems to be some wishful thinking in that price increase as well, as there is a global oversupply situation, but factually higher prices are being paid compared to some weeks ago. Buyers have been contracting for a portion of Q2. Q3 is still mostly open.


After an active period, with tight availability, the market seems now well contracted ahead and less volatile. Having said that, availability is still not very good, and as long as several producers are not running at normal output numbers, this tight situation may last at least into Q2. Prices are mostly stable and still higher compared to some months ago. In some regions, a small decline in spot prices was seen. A good portion of Q2 is contracted by now and several buyers have also contracted their full Q2 needs.


The tryptophan market has become very quiet and even a slight price decline is seen in the EU market, although availability is still not optimal in that region. In other regions, the price is staying stable for now. The market seems to have calmed down again in most regions after some volatility earlier this year. Prices FOB China are mostly stable. A portion of Q2 has been contracted by now.


The ongoing price decline in FOB China seems to have stopped for now. Recently one of the main Chinese manufacturers announced a price increase, but that did not do much to the market so far, perhaps stabilisation. Normally, with ample supply, the market looks weak. But as the entire amino acids market is firmer, buyers in several regions decided to cover Q2 and even a portion of Q3, as prices are low. Q2 is partly contracted and a small portion of Q3 is as well.

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