Animal feed dumped onto airstrip

12-09-2007 | |

The Whitehorse airstrip (Yukon, Canada) was closed for several hours yesterday while airport officials cleaned up an illegal dump of animal feed.

Airport staff was alerted to the mess when a person who was exercising a dog
at the noticed the feed on the runway. An estimated 60 to 70 bags of dog food
and animal feed were dumped on the unlit airstrip.

Local feed stores were
contacted by the individual who found the feed.

A Masterfeed distributor
in Whitehorse used tag numbers from the bags to cross-check where and when the
product was purchased.

Masterfeed confirmed that the feed left on the
airstrip was purchased from the Edmonton store in June or July of 2005 and
hauled up to Whitehorse.

Also personal information was found in the
coverall pockets found at the site. “The guy will never make a good criminal,”
the distributor said with a laugh.

The strip is used primarily on
weekends and by pilots wanting to practise landings and take-offs.

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