Armenia to enter the fish feed market

14-10-2013 | |
Armenia to enter the fish feed market
Armenia to enter the fish feed market

The new line for the feed production for aquaculture producers is about to be launched in Armenia, according to reports by local media News of Armenia.

The director of Manana Grain Gourgen Nikoghosian explained that the production line which his company intends to launch in mid-October can produce up to 3,000 tonnes of feed per month (working in three shifts).

According to initial plans, this will completely cover the needs of fish farms in Armenia. The line will be placed in an already existing plant for the production of compound feed in Yeghvard – the city north of Yerevan.

“Now we are also thinking about selling our production to foreign markets. In Georgia, the production of feed is very small. However, even if the orders will be working the new production line still will be profitable “- Nikoghosian.

The company has already bought the first batch of raw materials, fish meal, from Denmark.

“Now we invited experts to examine the quality of the content of amino acids and other components to ensure proper weight gain of fish. We want to prove to the Armenian market, that the fish can grow normally without hormone supplements – only through proper diet”- concluded Gourgen Nikoghosian.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Russian correspondent

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