Australian clay: A non-antibiotic solution for poultry

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Australian clay: A non-antibiotic solution for poultry
Australian clay: A non-antibiotic solution for poultry

A clay, sourced from Australia, has been shown to have a set of positive effects on poultry performance and health.

This Australian clay formulation, developed by the company Multi Minerals Australia Pty Ltd, can be added to feed and can serve as an alternative for antibiotic growth promoters. Additional benefits include better production, reduced feed costs, improved health and lower mortality.

One of a kind stock feed

The clay product has been formulated from a combination of various clay levels in the company’s long held mine in the Australian State of New South Wales. The stock feed supplement has been formulated from a deposit formed by many differing geological actions and as such is not found anywhere else in Australia.  It is believed to be the only type of its kind in the world.

Reduced mortality and increased meat yield in broilers

Several trials have been done by Australian poultry institutions, Universities and commercial poultry users. Trials in broilers show a 9% reduction in mortality at day 42, compared to the control group that received antibiotics from day 3. Furthermore, a 16.5% decrease in viscosity was shown in broilers fed a wheat diet combined with Barnyard Grit, 9% in a sorghum diet.  No trials have yet been done with soybean meal. Also breast meat yield was improved in the group that received the clay feed supplement. An increase of 6.5% was observed, compared to the control group. Barnyard Grit also substantially increased thigh meat yield by 5.8% over control.

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Antibiotics should be used wisely in farm animals. Its use can be reduced by implementing good biosecurity, enhanced management practices and natural growth promoters on farms.

Reduction in cracked eggs

The effect of the clay supplement was also tested in layers (aged 56 – 70 weeks). The trial group performed better in terms of average hen day production (+0.04%) over layers that didn’t receive the supplement. It was also shown that the clay supplement reduced the number of eggs needed to be pulped by 2.0% over layers which were not fed with clay in the diet. Using specific gravity, the eggs from layers (aged 60-70 weeks) were found to be significantly superior and the operator reported considerable reduction in cracked eggs. Additionally, flock uniformity was improved by 4.1% in chickens from 0-15 weeks, compared to the control group.

Partners wanted

The clay supplement (brand name: Barnyard Grit) has been sold successfully into the commercial poultry market in Australia. The product has also been exported to Thailand. The product has been primarily supplied to the poultry industry, but field trials have shown benefits with other commercial animals. More research is needed for the cattle, dairy cow, aquaculture, pet food, and natural fertiliser industries. The company which produced the product is seeking a capital injection that would globalise the distribution of this exciting supplement. It invites interest from companies who wish to discuss a joint venture/purchase options.

For more information, please contact Janine Campbell, Multi Minerals Australia Pty Ltd. Email:

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