Balchem launches grant-based research program

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Balchem launches grant-based research program
Balchem launches grant-based research program

Balchem Corporation has announced the creation of a new grant-based research program, the Real Science Initiative. The program will offer funding to university and related research institutes to support new research projects in animal nutrition, performance and health.

“The intent of the Real Science Initiative is to foster innovative research by developing partnerships throughout the global research community,” noted Dr. Michael de Veth, Commercial Development Manager with Balchem Animal Nutrition & Health. “Through these partnerships, we hope to discover new and innovative ways to enhance animal performance and health, while improving profitability for our customers.”

Potential areas of research may include:

  • Developing new applications of existing precision release nutrient technologies (e.g., nutrient encapsulation).
  • Developing new technologies for increasing the efficacy of nutrient utilization.
  • Product applications that enhance newborn, growing or mature animal immune responsiveness and productivity through improvements in enteric health.
  • Increasing the understanding of choline metabolism, including interactions between choline and other nutrients involved in one-carbon metabolism and the application of this understanding.

Pre-proposals must be submitted electronically to by 5:00 p.m. EDT on August 1, 2013. For full program details go to the Real Science Initiative page,

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