BASF starts manufacturing new xylanase enzyme

09-11-2006 | |
BASF starts manufacturing new xylanase enzyme

BASF announced plans to manufacture Natugrain Wheat TS, a highly pure, highly effective, heat-resistant xylanase nutrient, at its new enzyme production plant at the company’s Ludwigshafen, Germany site.

The enzyme plant began production of Natuphos
, a market-leading enzyme supplement for poultry and pig feed,
earlier this year. “Investing in enzyme production helps strengthen BASF’s
position as a world leader for this critical animal nutrition product,” said
Niall McStay, Director, Animal Nutrition, for BASF in North America. McStay
added that as part of its commercial efforts, BASF is seeking a distribution
partner for Natugrain Wheat TS enzyme in Canada. “Natugrain Wheat TS can
significantly improve the performance of wheat-based animal diets that are
characteristic in Canada,” McStay said.

Increased digestibility
Natugrain Wheat TS promotes the
breakdown of arabinoxylane, a structural component of plant-based animal feed.
The xylanase enzyme stimulates growth rates by improving digestibility. It
allows increased nutrient absorption and better diffusion of pancreatic enzymes
in the digestive system.

Natuphos phytase helps
monogastric animals such as chickens and pigs to utilize the naturally occurring
phosphorus in plant ingredients better, reducing the need for supplemental
phosphorus in their diets. This in turn lowers the amount of phosphate
excretion, thereby lowering soil and water contamination by approximately

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