Biomin renames feed additive product for calves

12-09-2016 | |
Photo: RBI
Photo: RBI

Animal nutrition company Biomin has renamed the phytogenic feed additive Digestarom® Milk to Digestarom® Bos.

The decision to rename the product followed the company’s July streamlining of the Digestarom® product portfolio.

This feed additive is used for calf milk replacer, calf starter and beef diets globally and has been shown to increase feed intake. Supporting a calf’s feed intake, particularly prior to weaning, is associated with higher lifetime milk production. One kilogramme (kg) of pre-weaning average daily gain (ADG) translates into a 1550 kg increase in milk yield in the first lactation, according to scientific research. Higher feed intake correlates with improved beef production in terms of average daily gain.

The additive has also been recognised for its ability to improve the ruminal environment in terms of pH, resulting in lower incidence of sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA), its anti-inflammatory properties and acceleration of rumen development.

Digestarom® Bos complements the existing phytogenic feed additive ruminant portfolio, which includes Digestarom® Dairy. As part of the announcement, 2 products –Digestarom® Calf and Digestarom® Beef– have been discontinued in all regions except North America.

- Biomin Animal Nutrition & Feed Additives

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