Biorigin partner to discuss glucans at PetFood Forum

30-03-2015 | |
Biorigin partner to discuss glucans at PetFood Forum
Biorigin partner to discuss glucans at PetFood Forum

Dr Vaclav Vetvicka a research partner of Biorigin, will make a presentation on the “Potential benefits of ß-1,3-1,6-glucans for dogs”, during the Petfood Forum 2015, to be held on April 29 in Kansas City, US.

Dr Vetvicka is a professor at the University of Louisville and has more than 20 years of immunology research. He is the author or co-author of over 210 original articles and of eight books. “I thank the Petfood Forum organisers for inviting me to talk on the benefits of beta-glucans for dogs and I am excited with the opportunity to discuss this very important issue with the pet industry. I believe that these compounds have a significant potential for these animals. This lecture is not only an excellent opportunity to present my studies, but also to show the industry the value of beta-glucans,” he says.

More than eight years of research on beta-glucans

Dr Vaclav Vetvicka has maintained a partnership with Biorigin for more than eight years for the development of research on beta-glucans, evaluating the effect of the product MacroGard on dog health.

Produced by Biorigin from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, MacroGard is the most studied beta-glucan in the world. Studies in pets show better immune status, better vaccine response, and reduction of the severity of clinical signs in chronic inflammatory conditions, such as atopia, osteoarthritis, and gingivitis.

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